REKONSTRUKSI INTERAKSI ISLAM DAN BARAT (Perang Salib dan Kebangkitan kembali ekonomi Eropa)

AJAT SUDRAJAT, NIM. 993124 (2008) REKONSTRUKSI INTERAKSI ISLAM DAN BARAT (Perang Salib dan Kebangkitan kembali ekonomi Eropa). Doctoral thesis, UIN SUNAN KALIJAGA.

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Interaction between Islamand the West has been lasting for a long time, even for many centuries, but it was periodically colored by negative stereotypes and disputes. The traumatic interaction should be reshaped in a form of reconstruction. This reconstruction is done in order to build a more positive image between the two parties. Based on the notion, the research is focused on the economic development in the Europe during the Crusade War. Besides there was interesting aspect in the moment of commercial revolution at the time and economic awakening in Europe, economic interaction, in fact, had never fully stopped during this period of time. This research applies critical hhistory method to reveal the interaction between Islam and the West. The method is done in a research procedure by gathering history sources from a particular time or moment, evaluating the sources, presenting fact that relates ti those sources, and presenting in a scientific description. The history method which is chosen in the research applies IbnKhaldun method based on the followings: 1. Implementing various sources, 2. Utilizing many kinds of knowledge, 3. Observing the sources used meticulously, and 4. Doing a perfect analysis tied with industrious understanding on the sources or interpretation. There are two findings after doing a research on an interaction happened during the Crusade War. Firstly, the War had successfully retreated Mediterranean Sea into Christian, so the Crusade roads became a new trade road between Europe and Islamic World. It also gave an enormous benefit, as the Crusade roads would give a rute that enhanced the development of European economic aspect. The roads had affected a rapid trade development in Venice, Genoa, Pisa, Lubeck,Champagne, and Brugges. Islamic world had gained the benefit of the road, yetEurope had taken more advantages. Commercial advantage which was gained from European cities could overcome an everlasting European bankruptcy. Secondly, economic interactionwjich occurred between Islam and Europe entity during the Crusade War, gave evidence that the two parties had ability to make a positive interaction. The Crusade’ countries’ interaction also reflected a harmonious partnership and living together between the two. In general, trade and economy interaction that happened at the time could give a foundation to build a positive interaction between the West and Islamic world.

Item Type: Thesis (Doctoral)
Additional Information / Pembimbing: Promotor: Prof. Dr. H.A. Syafi'i Ma'arif, MA
Uncontrolled Keywords: Islam, barat, perang salib, ekonomi
Subjects: Masyarakat Islam
Divisions: Pascasarjana > Disertasi > Ilmu Agama Islam
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