Santosa, Sedya (2013) THE IMPORTANCE OF VALUES CHARACTER EDUCATION FOR 2013 CURRICULUM. In: PROCEEDING INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR "OPTIMIZING OF MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES TO EXAGGERATE HUMAN POTENTIAL TOWARDS VIRTUOUS CHARACTER". Teacher Education "Madrasah Ibtidaiyah" Faculty Islamic Education and Teacher Training Islamic State University Sunan Kalijaga, Yogyakarta, pp. 265-280. ISBN 978-602-14483-2-8

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In the education discourse of curriculum in 2013, the character value has become a crucial topic. Not a few who were a little skeptical but also those who are having optimistic view. For the skeptic, the value is seen as something that is impossible to be named through educational institution such as schools because this institution only concerns about academics or cognitive aspect of students. In this view, investing value is the responsibility of informal institutions that house and non formal institution are a society. To support this view, empirically the result of the survey done by Hugh Harshome and Mark May is often used as reference. This research concludes that (a) nothing correlation between character training and actual behavior, (b) moral behavior of the people is not always being consistence from one situation to another (c) nothing correlation between what people say and do about the morality, and (d) deceitful behavior is almost never done by the all of people. Meanwhile, for the optimist person, the value of character education is a must in the educational institution. In this view, the educational institution has a strategic role and approach which is quite effective in instilling the values to the younger generation. Basically, there are no educational institutions that can break away from the value directly or indirectly. Moreover, the main aim held education is something contained a value which creates human with good character, intact, and adult. Kirchenbaun states that the center of character education is instruction of the value and the superiority of the moral in its research about character education relation and academic achievement. Edward Wynne discovers that (a) education character has positive influence to the academic achievement and (b) the approach of character education is more possible than modem techniques in arousing good behavior among students in the school. This thesis will elaborate more about the important of main effect of character values in the curriculum in 2013 as the way to face moral crisis of the nation and the bawdy of the social order in this country we love.Key words: Value, Character, Curriculum in 2013

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