Widyadara, Resta Tri (2015) KONFLIK SUNNI-SYIAH DI INDONESIA. RELIGI : JURNAL STUDI AGAMA - AGAMA, Vol.11 (No. 2). pp. 109-124. ISSN 1412-2634

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This article discusses conflicts between the Sunnite and the Shi’ite in Indonesia. It was began by discussing the Shia emergence history, development of the Middle East Shia and development and inclusion of the Shi’ite in Indonesia. The Shi’ite identity cannot be seen easily in Indonesia context. The Shi’ite spread in the community and did not live in groups in a particular region. The Shi’ite that came to Indonesia was like the spread of Islam in accordance with the understanding spreader. The influx of Shia in Indonesia is still being debated in academic circles. Hasjmi stated that the Shia encounter into Indonesia was brought by Muslim Persian traders, Arabic, Gujarat and India. The Shi’ite established the Islamic Empire in Perlak. In different perspective, Azyumardi Azra argued that there was no sufficient evidence of the spread of the Shiite in the early days of Islam in the archipelago and also asserted that Shia was popular in Indonesia has not been so long, especially after the Iranian revolution in 1979. The Shiites have long coexisted with a Sunni group that became the majority in Indonesia. In addition, the Shia has come into the existing reality in the midst of the Indonesian nation. The influence of the Shia’s teachings and its thought of schools grew rapidly in Indonesia. It is characterized by the number of study groups that focus on the study of Shia. Shia became a part of Indonesian national diversity that has not received strong protection of law, as well as considered outside of Sunni ideologies. In fact, Shia became a minority group in Indonesia. The lack harmonious relationship between the Shi’ite and the Sunnite in Indonesia was motivated by the difference of understanding toward religious teaching and the lack of tolerance, so there is less of a dispute and even conflict. Key Words: Sunni, Shia, Shia in Indonesia, Conflict of Sunni-Shia

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