Managing familial issues Unique features of legal reform in Indonesia

Nurlaelawati, Euis (2013) Managing familial issues Unique features of legal reform in Indonesia. In: Islam in Indonesia Contrasting Images and Interpretations. Bunga Rampai, Vol. 1 . ICAS / Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam, pp. 123-240. ISBN 9789089644237

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Indonesian state law on Muslim familial issues, as embodied in Marriage Law No. 1/1974 and Presidential Instruction No. 1/1991 regarding the Compilation of Islamic Law (Kompilasi Hukum Islam), introduced a number of reforms reflecting the inclusion of local customs, state interests and new issues in Islamic discourse in Indonesia, including gender issues. By doing so, it attempted to achieve an amalgamation of the classical legal doctrines of Islam, state interests and local tradition or adat. The accommodation of local tradition and state interests makes the law distinctly different from similar laws issued elsewhere in the Muslim world. The rules on representation of heirs, obligatory bequest (wasiat wajiba) and joint property are examples of the special characteristics of Indonesian law in this field. The distinctive features become even stronger when we look at how judges deal with family law.

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