Dari al Jabiri tentang nalar etika Islam

Zuhri, . (2008) Dari al Jabiri tentang nalar etika Islam. Refleksi : Jurnal Filsafat dan Pemikiran Islam, Vol. 8 (No. 1). pp. 56-74. ISSN 1411-9951

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Text (Dari al Jabiri tentang nalar etika Islam)
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There are many concepts on islamic-ethics, butAl-Jabiri offer on value reconstruction of ethics may be the most valuable among them for moslem world. Starting from critisizing the logic of Arab peoples-on his three books before: Takwin al-Aql al' Araby, Bunyat a- 'Aql a- 'Araby and a- 'Aql al-Siyasi a- 'Araby- that give more emphasize on Aqidah, Qabilah and Ghanimah, Al-Jabiri continues his critics with his valuable book, a- 'aql al-akhlaqi a- 'Araby. With a comprehensive reading on Jabiri's projects, the writer conclude that in the field of islamic-ethics Jabiri have tried to make a kind value construction for classical Arab-Islamic-civilization aimed at value reconstruction for today Arabic and Islamic glorius civilization. Keywords: 'Aql Araby, EtikaAkhlaq, Maslahat

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