Approaches in the implementation of Character Education

Munastiwi, Erni (2015) Approaches in the implementation of Character Education. In: Proceedings of the 1st international conference on character education. Prosiding, - . International Conference on Character Education and ST AI Sultan AbduHahman, Tanjung Pinang, pp. 85-90. ISBN 9 786027 304307

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In solving the country's problem, an appropriate way or strategy is required. The strategy can be done through the paths of family, school, community and government Family path is the first and foremost in the realm of education and upbringing in character building. Likewise, school path is the strategic r .ace to develop the character, because children spend more time in school. In additi ,n to the two paths, there is community path or also reffercd as the environmental path. Last but not least is the government path because govlernment is the decision maker in the impleme'!tation of character education. The government executes it through its policies. Each of these four paths has its own role. However, they have to be be in synergy in order to achieve the goals of the character education. Of the four paths, the education path is the most important one. Teachers, the educators have to choose the appropriate approach in implementing character education. There are five approaches namely values inculcation approach, cognitive moral development approach, values analysis approach, values clarification approach, and action learning approach. Keywords: approaches, character education, implementation.

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