“Love in Tokyo” in the Perspective of Korean Drama Lovers of Santriwati

Rama Kertamukti, - (2020) “Love in Tokyo” in the Perspective of Korean Drama Lovers of Santriwati. In: Annual International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities (AICOSH 2020).

Text (“Love in Tokyo” in the Perspective of Korean Drama Lovers of Santriwati)
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For Santriwati, a women student at traditional Islamic school, watching a romantic drama is prohibited. However, many of them find their way to watch it secretly to follow the phenomenal tv show, either drama from K-pop or J�pop that hits across the country. This research discusses how female students in Islamic Boarding Schools (santriwati) who like Korean Drama Films understood and interpreted romanticism in the Japan Drama series, which is commonly considered as taboo to be seen. This research was conducted by looking at the reality of two informants who saw a Japan drama called Love in Tokyo. Two informants were alumni from YKUI Islamic Boarding School Maskumamambang Dukun Gresik, Aulia Indri (AI) and Eno Shofwan (ES) and now continue their studies at UIN Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta. The results show that Full communication must be present on the man's side showing the background of students in the Islamic Boarding School, because gender issues are identical with cultural values. One of the cultural problems that is still deeply rooted in many pesantren circles is the patriarchal ideology. In this context, rapidness as one of religious social education (Islam) is known as a patriarchal culture miniature. Second, the thick patriarchal culture in the world of pesantren is inseparable from the dynamics of pesantren education which is gender biased. Keywords—Romantic Drama, Santriwati, Interpretative Community, popular culture

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