SYARIFUDDIN JURDI, (2009) KONFLIK DAN KEKERASAN DALAM POLITIK NASIONAL. /Jurnal/Sosiologi Reflektif/Volume 2, No.1, Oktober 2007/.

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Conflict often emerge in society’s live which have balanced power. Factors that can influence conflict can be in ideology, politic, economy, culture and religion form. If a society that sociologically placed by human with different religion and tribe or ethnic, so the difference potentially stimulate conflict and violence. Sometimes, people who get involved in conflict show their personal and grup’s interest; that the high caring of their own interest and the low caring of other interest, usually ends in unharmony result or such as social, economy and politic disharmonies. In this context, religion and ethnic are not the main sources in conflict, even perhaps are just the instrument to conflict, but the main sources are unjustice, poorness, and welfare.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Konflik, kekerasan, agama, etnik dan resolusi
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