METODOLOGI ILMU SOSIAL PROFETIK : Ikhtiar untuk Studi Politik Islam

NASIWAN, (2009) METODOLOGI ILMU SOSIAL PROFETIK : Ikhtiar untuk Studi Politik Islam. /Jurnal/Sosiologi Reflektif/Volume 2, No.2, April 2008/.

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A serious problem which is faced by social scientists in Indonesia is how to present social sciences that have capabilities to transform society. It is an important issue because for the last decade, social sciences are stagnant. We need social sciences not only to explain social phenomena but also to transform those phenomena for creating a better society.To overcome this problem, according to Kuntowijoyo, academic and critical social sciences do not have a clear solution yet. Therefore, he offers prophetic social sciences which is based on ethical and prophetical ideal, namely more humanization, emancipation, liberation, and ranscendental. So, epistemology is not only based on ratio and empirical, but also based on revelation.Regarding with the political position of Muslims, Kuntowijoyo tries to make a theoretical construction from the Qur’an, surah Ali Imron, 104 and 110 verses and also from surah Fushilat, 50 to 53 verses. From these normative texts, he derives some axioms that the glory of certain society will be determined by four basic principles: first, the appearance of historical consciousness (to take i’tibar or lessons); second, the important of doing emancipation (al amr bil ma’ruf); third, the necessity of doing liberation to liberate people from evil (annahy ‘anil munkar); and fourth, the necessity of doing transcendency (tuma’ninah billah).

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