iINDONESIAN REVISED/i : Menuju Bangsa Merdeka

ZULY QODIR, (2009) iINDONESIAN REVISED/i : Menuju Bangsa Merdeka. /Jurnal/Sosiologi Reflektif/Volume 3, No.1, Oktober 2008/.

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The problem of this nation is so complicated. To solve this complicated problem, we cannot just relied upon one group, such as elderly people, politicians, religious leaders, or others. Young people have to be involved to contribute for rebuilding and rethinking Indonesia foe better future. There are problems of RUUKUB, RUU APP, and many others, that should be solved.The only way that should be taken is “the odd way of thinking� or “Indonesian Revised� which will free us up from historical burdens that always chained this nation from one generation to the next. Indonesian Revised that is offered here is using deconstructionist and revolutionist models by focusing on cultural revolutionaire. It means that thoughts and cultural aspects of society need to be dramatically changed from monolithic to pluralistic based. Religious elites, politicians, and the youth are encouraged to have this odd way of thinking to face this obviously weird world.

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