SYARIFUDDIN JURDI, (2009) MUHAMMADIYAH, iGOOD GOVERNANCE/i DAN PEMBERANTASAN KORUPSI. /Jurnal/Sosiologi Reflektif/Volume 3, No.1, Oktober 2008/.

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Corruption has become a central issue in Indonesian politics post New Order era. Corruption has turn into an integral part of reformation agendas to rebuild Indonesia based on justice for everyone. Through MPR Resolution in 1999, the issue of corruption has strategic and urgent positions. In order to establish good governance, Indonesian government has created a special commission to combat corruption, which is Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi, shortened to KPK (The Corruption Eradication Commission), to save national treasures from corrupted apparatus. Through collective work of the government and civil society forces, many corruption cases are detected. Some of the corruptors are in prison and others are still waiting to be investigated and courted. Muhammadiyah, along with other social organizations, get together to participate in eradicating corruption in this country. The allegiance of Muhammadiyah with Partnership and Nahdatul Ulama has significantly support government to be more serious with this issue. In this case, Muhammadiyah plays an important function, especially in a moral level, to support and encourage the members of KPK in performing their duty to eradicate corruption from this country.

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