Muqowim dan Syarif Hidayat, (2009) HARUN YAHYA : KREASIONISME ISLAM UNTUK MERUNTUHKAN TEORI EVOLUSI. /Jurnal/Kaunia/Volume I, No. 2, Oktober 2005/.

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bThis article is based on the emergence of controversy regarding the theory of life origin that is up to the present still a debatable issue among thinkers from two extremes. The first group argues that human being is created by God. This is so-called as separated creation theory or creationism. Meanwhile, the second group thinks that human being is created by God gradually through evolution. One of the opponents of this theory of evolution is Harun Yahya, a Moslem scientist from Turkey. The problem is why he object the theory? According his study, the theory of evolution had been claimed as a theory leading to atheism and annihilate God. In his work, The Evolution Deceit, Harun Yahya explains several main opinions, they are there is no the form of transition on human being, structural complexity of human being comprises the proof of creation, every human being had been created completely, even he has mentioned that the theory as unscientific study because it is falsified by the invention of new science. Harun Yahya stated that many species emerged when occured Cambrium Explosion as the oldest layer of the earth. The opinion was different from the record of geological time which explaining that the oldest layer of the earth is the cosmic layer. The more complicated species was found in Cambrium era. The inventions of molecular biologists and other scientists have been become as a foundation to justify that human being does not evolute.

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