Susy Yunita Prabawati, (2009) INTISARI ANALISIS ASAM AMINO DALAM CUMI-CUMI (TODARODES PASIFICUS). /Jurnal/Kaunia/Volume I, No. 2, Oktober 2005/.

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bAnalysis of amino acids content in some samples of squid (Todarodes pasificus) have been conducted by High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) and to improve the sensitivity of detection, the amino acids were derivated with phenylisothiocyanate (PITC). This research was aimed to study the performance of HPLC method for the separation of amino acids resulted from the hydrolysis of protein. The result showed that PITC was successfully used as derivating substance in the analysis of amino acids resulted in acidic hydrolysis using H Cl 6 M for 24 hours at 110 oC, produced PTHamino acids, which were able to absorb the energy at the range of UV-Vis, i.e. l=254 nm. The HPLC’s method using Shim-pack CLC-ODS (C-18) colum, (6 mm I.D x 15 cm L) and 5 mm particle with the gradient elusion technique was successfully used to separate the amino acids produced from hydrolysis of squid. It was also shown that the composition of amino acids in the samples squid were hystidine, arginine, proline, and leucine.

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