Maizer Said Nahdi, (2009) BELAJAR DARI ALAM. /Jurnal/Kaunia/Volume II, No. 1, April 2006/.

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bAs Gods caliph on the earth (al-Baqarah, 2:30), man has a duty to restore natural resources. With the potential given to man, it is expected that he would be able to seek the ways to protect the earth from its destruction. Nature was created in a state of equilibrium and has been so for a long time. Natural disasters that occur due to humane or natural causes have great impacts on the equilibrium state of nature and therefore need to be studied. This article will discuss how to learn from nature, by describing how the equilibrium exists in nature as well as the factors affecting natural equilibrium presents in the atmosphore, hydrosphere and lithosphere, using the Quran, hadith and scientific books as references. From the discussion, it can be said that the natural disasters caused by natural factors are somewhat unavoidable although the negative impacts can still be reduced. However, the natural disasters caused by human as indicated by Quran, such as ozone holes, greenhouse effects and water pollution should be able to be avoided or even eliminated. Therefore, as a religion intended for the well-being of the universe (rahmatan lil ‘alamin), it is time for Islam not to ignore nature and examine kauniyah verses in the Quran to be applied in daily lives. For example, the regulation about the city spatial arrangement should be implemented strictly, so that there would be no housing in areas which are vulnerable to natural disasters. Although disasters are God’s wish, his wish in terms of disasters is always paralleled with man’s action which also means that it should also be parallel with man’s readiness in facing the disasters. Thus, as religious believer, we need to always learn fron nature so thath we can still have something to be given to our children in the future.

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