Widayanti, (2009) RAGAM POLARITON PERMUKAAN PADA BAHAN FERROELEKTRIK BTO (Surface Polariton Modes In Ferroelectric Materials BTO). /Jurnal/Kaunia/Volume 4, No. 1, April 2008/.

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bInformation about properties of electric and optic a material is something a real thing required to relates to usage of the material for certain. One of method applied to know information is by observing behavior of polariton a material. Dielectric material Ferroelectrics with high dielectric constant has opportunity for application in signal processor at a real frequency height so that study about this material polariton need to be done. Research method done by writer here is apply theoretical study by reducing analytically dispersion relationship hooking; correlating wave vector and frequency put on by material. The solution is done in numeric with computing, causing yields the dispersion relationship graph. Bisection method applied as analysis to finalize surface polariton manner at dispersion relationship. A theoretical study of the polariton dispersion curves on the surface of the ferroelectric material Bi4Ti3O12 (BTO) has been done. The direction of wave propagation is perpendicular to the easy axis without any external field. This study gives a theoretical description of the (BTO) surface and bulk modes at frequency range of 0-100cm-1or in far infra red range. The dispersion relation is obtained through Maxwell equation. Substitution of Hfield and E field into the wave differential equation and application of boundary conditions will lead to the dispersion relations. The dynamics of internal or parameters system is included in the material permitivity. The surface polariton only propagate in TM mode (Transverse Magnetic) and they are resiprocal in the sense that the change of wave vector direction does not change the frequency, or ()()qq−=�‰�‰, whereas there is no surface modes that propagate in TE mode ( Transverse Electric), but only the bulk polariton has been found.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Surface polariton, Ferroelectric, Dispersion relation, Resiprocal
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