EKOLOGI AL-QURAN (Menggagas Ekoteologi-Integralistik )

Fajar el-Dusuqy, (2009) EKOLOGI AL-QURAN (Menggagas Ekoteologi-Integralistik ). /Jurnal/Kaunia/Volume 4, No. 2, Oktober 2008/.

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bAt one side, human is claimed to create and develop science and technology (IPTEK) but on the other hand, negative implication emerged by IPTEK is the occuring of ecologic crisis. Paradoxical relationship between human and nature, is caused by two paradigms of ecology which are growing since then, those are anthropocentric-exclusivism and cosmocentric-inclusivism. The two ecologic paradigms create two theory which are great about ecology (the relation between human and nature), those are bio-ecosystem theory and geo-social system theory. The weakness of bio-ecosystem theory is to see human equal with the other species. While the weakness of geo-social-system theory is that has not been able to touch about the existence of human as spiritual creature, not only as social creature. Whereas, human is not only as social creature but olso as spiritual creature. In this context, the study of ecology by Qur’anic approach, with tematic method gives its significance of spiritual values concept in the relation between human and nature. So that from here, it will bear a theory, that the writer calls it with meta-social-system, or theo-anthropocosmocentric-integralistic theory. This theory becomes the basic foundation of theology ecology, or ecotheologyintegralistic.

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