Konservasi Ekosistem dan Keanekaragaman Hayati Hutan Tropis Berbasis Masyarakat

Maizer Said Nahdi, (2009) Konservasi Ekosistem dan Keanekaragaman Hayati Hutan Tropis Berbasis Masyarakat. /Jurnal/Kaunia/Volume 4, No. 2, Oktober 2008/.

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bIn the last few decades, the needs of land spacing are increasing in line with the increase of human population which in turn of habitat destruction, fragmantation, the replacement of native species with innative one, and many more which in the ends of human life is also threatened. This paper will study the extent to which there has been a tropical forest degradation, conservation and community involvement to support the success of conservation of the tropics. Most of the tropical forest at this time has changed from dense forest into monoculture forest. According to conservation experts as this can threat tropical forest biodiversity. In regard to the conservation efforts, it is necessary to involve all parties including policy makers, experts in conservation and community participation. Ecosystem diversity and tropical forests have been experiencing at this time so that affect the loss of ecological function resulted from the utilization by humans to meet their needs, therefore in managing of tropical forest is needed serious and well structured effort involving various stakeholders ranging from policy makers, and conservation ecologist and the most important involved community participation through education, the religious, cultural and others. The success of conservation with community participation approach has been made, whether through religion, culture or the other depending on which is most dominant in the region that will be used as conservation areas. Participation is started from the planning, implementing and on policy making and maintaining through law enforcement.

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