PERSPEKTIF AI-QUR'AN TENTANG ASTRONOMI (Analisis Sains Moderen dengan Teks Al-Qur'an)

MURTONO, . (2005) PERSPEKTIF AI-QUR'AN TENTANG ASTRONOMI (Analisis Sains Moderen dengan Teks Al-Qur'an). Kaunia Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi Vol I,No. 1,April 2005.

MURTONO PERSPEKTIF AI’QUR'AN TENTANG ASTRONOMI (Analisis Sains Moderen dengan Teks Al-Qur'an).pdf

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Astronomy is a branch of sciences that speaks about objects of sky and nature like expressed in the Qur'an about 14 centuries ago. This also studies about the concept of sky representing locus and tempus and sky amounting to seven. There is a lot of kinds of interpretation on sky depended on the growth of science and human's perception. For instance, every moment sun transmitting its energy is as source of life on earth and has very important implication on the other members of solar system. This energy has effect of a nuclear spontaneous reaction that happened naturally and in a certain condition. Sun as star and solar system center (heliocentric theory) represents the theory if huh till now in the light of modem science doesn't oppose against the Qttr'anic teaching. Sun and other solar system members like planet which amounts nine, comet, meteor, interplanetary body planet and satellite have the veil-balanced system. These celestial bodies make a regular movement proportionally among them. The movement goes into effect the law of movement, the Keppler's laa> on gravitation and is confirmed by Newton later.

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