FAJAR , EL-DUSUQY (2008) EKOLOGI AL-QUR' AN (MENGGAGASEKOTEOLOGI-INTEGRALISTIK). Kaunia Jurnal Sains dan Teknologi vol IV, no2, oktober 2008.


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Human claimed to have created and developed Science and Technology (1PTEK). However, negative implications emerged from the application oflPTEKhave long caused ecologic crisis. Paradoxical relationship between hitman and nature, is caused by two paradigms of ecology which are growing since a long time ago, i.e. anthropocentricexclusivism and cosmocentric-inclusivism. The two ecological paradigms create two major theories of ecology (the relation between human and nature): bio-ecosystem theory and geo-social system theory. The weakness of bio-ecosystem theory is the fact that this theory sees human as equal to other specieses. While the weakness ofgeo-social-system theory is that it has not been able to touch the issue about the existence of human not only as a social creature, but also as a spiritual one. In this context, the study of ecology by Qur 'anic approach using thematic method informs us about the significance of the concept of spiritual values in the relationship between human and nature. Therefore, a new theory is needed to complement the already existing ones. This theory can be catted meta-social-system theory, or theo-anthropocosmocentric-integralistic theory. This theory becomes the basic foundation of theological ecology, or integralistic ecotheology.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Ekologi, Lingkungan, al-Qur'an, Ekoteologi, dan Integralistik.
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