BPAD Yogyakarta Roles in Preserving the User Access to The Forbidden Collection

Prabowo, Thoriq Tri (2015) BPAD Yogyakarta Roles in Preserving the User Access to The Forbidden Collection. In: The Congress of Southeast Asian Librarians (CONSAL) XVI, 10 June 2015, Bangkok, Thailand.


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Collections of library which contains a lot of information is one thing that is very useful and beneficial to people's lives. However, there are some collections that are considered dan-gerous to the state, disturbing the public, and the public order. On the other hand, sometimes students or researchers requires the collection, so that the management might be quite a dilemma for the library. That dilemma mostly faced by public libraries because the public libraries have to served what the public's information needs indiscriminately. It will be a special consideration for policy-makers in managing the illegal collection. Badan Perpustakaan dan Arsip Daerah (BPAD) Yogyakarta as a public library has an obligation to manage the collection to be a beneficial collection to the society. The purpose of this research is to formulate a strategy of preservation and services forbidden collections in BPAD Yogyakarta. This study was a qualitative research. The author uses the method of interviews and direct observation to collect data, in this case the author as well as a research instrument. The informants were interviewed is BPAD Yogyakarta librarian who worked on the rare collections. Validity and reliability using triangulation. Analysis of the data by reducing the interviews and observations. The results show that BPAD Yogyakarta have some forbidden collections and service them specially. For-bidden collection located at rare collection rooms, and simboled by ‘L’ in the book label, it meant by ‘Langka’ (rare) . The user may read and copy the collection if the physical condition was good. BPAD Yogyakarta didn’t collect all the forbidden collections. This is contrary to the Law No. 4 of 1990 (Deposit) of give-stored printed and recorded, morally, requires the National Library (Also Regional Library) stores each printed works (books, newspapers, magazines, posters) and paper records (tapes, diskettes, films, microfilm). BPAD Yogyakarta should be bold and aggressive in pursuing completeness the forbidden book collections. This effort have to be conducted, remembering the BPAD Yogyakarta under the National Library of the Repub-lic of Indonesia has a strong legal basis with the Deposit Laws.

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