Support for Model Checking Z Specifications

Siregar, Maria Ulfah Support for Model Checking Z Specifications. In: FMi 2016 in IRI 2016.

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One of the deficiencies of Z tools is that there is limited support for model checking Z specifications. Building a model checker directly for a Z specification will take considerable amount of effort and time due to the abstraction of the language. Translating a Z specification input into a specification in a language that an existing model checker tool accepts is an alternative method. Researchers at the University of Sheffield implemented a translation tool, which they called Z2SAL that takes a Z specification and translates it into the input for Symbolic Analysis Laboratory (SAL), which is a framework for combining different tools for abstraction, program analysis, theorem proving and model checking. This paper discusses support for model checking Z specifications, in which the capability of Z2SAL is extended. This support includes a translation of a generic constant and a schema calculus definition. Instead of translating these aspects of the Z language into the SAL language as Z2SAL does, a Z specification containing these two notations will be pre-processed, in which a generic constant definition is redefined to an equivalent axiomatic definition and a schema calculus definition is expanded to a new schema definition. As a result of a successful redefinition or expansion, a redefined or expanded Z specification is generated, otherwise the Z specification input is returned.

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Subjects: Tehnik Informatika
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