Islamic Challenges Of Politics And The Crisis Of Legitimacy Of Ulama

Noorhaidi Hasan, - (2019) Islamic Challenges Of Politics And The Crisis Of Legitimacy Of Ulama. In: ULAMA AND THE NATION-STATE: Comprehending the Future of Political Islam in Indonesia. PPIM UIN Jakarta, Jakarta, pp. 36-49. ISBN 978-623-6079-09-6

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In the dynamics of competition and complex competition as described above, ulama are caught in the middle. Complexity occurs not only because of the many figures who seek to negotiate a place in the changing political arena but also because the ulama position exists between state forces and Islamists. While the former actively encouraged people to accept the fact that power is no longer conducted above the legitimacy of religion, but the principles of citizenship and science and technology, Islamists stood challenging by offering the centrality of Islam as a perfect system (kāffah) which governs all aspects of life at once build a base in the grassroots. Between legitimizing the status quo and looking for alternatives to maintain the relevance and self-actualization of public life, ulama are involved in the competition and also interact with one another. In the process of competition and interaction, the problem is always how much the country can accommodate the interests of ulama who are very diverse. The level of state accommodation capabilities of the ulama gave birth to the establishment of ulama and oppositional ulama - borrowing the term Muhammad Qasim Zaman. It is important to note that the boundary between establishment and oppositional positions is fragile because ulama share a vision of the central position of Islam in society and their role in this regard. A person can move quickly from the establishment position to oppositional or vice versa, or stand between the two. The movement is determined by our success in improving the quality of democracy while continuing to encourage economic growth and accountability of state institutions.

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