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ABSTRAK Direct Pilkada which has been conducted nationwide in many regions in Indonesia based on UU No.32/2004 has fulfilled the state constitution guidance. Each district has its own characteristics in conducting Pilkada based on political platform and either social or cultural condition of the region including the governor election in NTB 2008. The most prominent feature of Pilkada in NTB lies on the candidate figure whose background is muslim leader (Tuan Guru) in spite of the society's knowledge in democracy. Thus, the existence of Tuan Guru Bajang KH.M.Zainul Madji in Pilkada competition in NTB 2008 through political ijtihad Bismillah gives a new hope to the society as he is considered as the most suitable figure to be regional leader to recover such a messy condition. His appearance is expected to be able to make NTB better, developed, religious, and democratic. In spite of his knowledge capacity which is pretty capable and deep, he is a really charismatic Muslim leader. His winning in 2008 NTB Pilkada can not be separated from the vital role of his Political Public Relations (read: Success Team) in implementing the planned strategy. Success team plays important/strategic role in every democracy constellation, and even the life and the death of political activities and the emerging or the disappearance of the certain political elite popularity is in their hands. The main duty of the success team is to give political information to public about the candidate's programs, or being effective tool to build public opinion or creating image to make character building of the candidate so his image will be good in public. There will be a health and favourable public opinion if the candidate and his team are able to attract public sympathy by building good political communication which is healthy, open, and credible. Even, it definitely becomes the key for the success. Considering the concept, this study aims at studying how political public relation strategy is implemented by TGBKH.M.Zainul Majdi to build public opinion and image toward him before and during campaign. Public relations is an effort by using information, persuasion, and adjustment to get public support toward a program, or a cause whose functions is managing attitude which is planned and implemented continuously by organizations, both public and private institutions, which is used to get and to build understanding, sympathy, their support which is related to the way how to judge their opinions that aims at correlating wisdom and procedure to gain more productive cooperation, and to fulfill common interest that is more efficient by planned and largely widespread illumination program. This study is field research in the form of study case whose the primary data are taken from the result of the interview with DPW committee of PBB and PKS party, TGB centre, NW, other parties and documentation data. The data analytical technique is interpretation toward the collected data then being analyzed to be qualitative ones by using deductive method. The research shows that there are some strategies which were implemented by TGBKH M. Zainul Majdi in 2008 NTB Pilkada. First of all, Multi Level Marketing strategy, a strategy which is implemented through political marketing by placing success team in NTB society from cities up to remote areas to sell the candidate directly (direct selling), by using oral communication (mouth to mouth), and by planning market target priority to back up the whole potency including cadres, sympathizers, mass media, so that the voters attitude can be figured out. Second, the strategy to optimalize NW institutions throughout NTB, either education institutions or social ones. Third, the strategy of using social networking, that is society figure network (opinion leader) by using social communication. This is because opinion leaders are considered as trustworthy people in society so that they can be used as vote getters. Fourth, the strategy of trickle down effect, that Tuan Guru Bajang influence who is so charismatic and popular throughout the whole NTB society from the background up to the lower ones. This becomes the prominent factor in determining the winning of Tuan Guru Bajang due to his leadership. The result of this research is expected to be able to give contribution and political education to society and the NTB Pilkada contestants in the future. This research hopefully can academically give ideas to the communication field study especially in political communication, public opinion, and public relation. div

Item Type: Thesis (Skripsi)
Additional Information: Pembimbing: Iswandi Syahputra, M.Si
Uncontrolled Keywords: public relations politik, Tuan Guru, Pilkada Gubernur NTB
Subjects: Ilmu Komunikasi
Divisions: Fakultas Dakwah dan Komunikasi > Komunikasi Penyiaran Islam (S1)
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Date Deposited: 24 Jul 2013 17:06
Last Modified: 16 Oct 2015 13:29

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