KAPITALISME DALAM PENDIDIKAN : Deskripsi tentang Mobilitas Sosial

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FUAD ARDLIN, (2009) KAPITALISME DALAM PENDIDIKAN : Deskripsi tentang Mobilitas Sosial. /Jurnal/Sosiologi Reflektif/Volume 3, No.1, Oktober 2008/.

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Education is a cultural institution where human being learns how to understand him or her self. Through science and educational process people reach their self-consciousness. Nowadays, in the age of capitalism, education and science have forced people to live within the technological and science developments. Capitalism has forced education and science to realize their ultimate goal, which is to gain capital accumulation. Education can transform people into different social mobility, whether vertical or horizontal of social mobility. In this case, social mobility initially comes from unconsciousness to be consciousness. But then, it purpose commitment of education as institution have extended its resuscitation to human life becomes far swerve from its philosophical purposes.

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