SUKIDJO , - (2000) TUJUAN DAN KHALAYAK SASARAN PPM. Aplikasia, Vol I (No. 1). pp. 62-78.


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Service to society is one of the form of the tridharma University. Ideally, the execution of the tridharma university. Ideally, the execution of the tridharma university is related to one another, full fill in each other, so what is given to education and teaching can be applied to help solving problems in society. In another side the activity which is gonna be done to the service it is better formered by the doing of the research to know the proper and needs of the community. Then, the service activity that has been done is require to be accurated and learned in order to find out how use full the activity is. The general aim of the service activity to community is actively following to help achieving the goal of the national, the regional, and the local development by way of helping the solving community development problem in frame of achieving the goal which is community that developed, fair and properous in materiil and spirituil. People who become the target of the service in society is very vast, that can be in individual, group, community and institution. About the form on the field of the service activity to society can be formed Bidang Pendidikan dan Pelayanan Masyarakat or The Education Field and The Community Services; Pengembangan Wilayah, Pengkajian, Pengembangan dan Penerapan Hasil Penelitian or The Territory Development, Learning, Development and The Application of The Research Result; Kuliah Kerja Nyata or The Real Work Lecture; Program Penerapan Iptek dan Vucer or The Application Program of The Science and Technology and Vocer; Program Pengembangan Budaya Kewirausahaan dan Program Sibermas or The Development Culture of the Private Business and The Sibermas Program. Lately, the introduction of the new paradigma in the execution of the service to society in university, that is the target of society in some degree; using the science and technology in university degree; the needs of the investment hind and can be the resource of the input fund; the sinergism between the program.

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