AKSIN WIJAYA , - (2004) HERMENEUTIKA AL-QUR’AN IBNU RUSYD. Jurnal Hermeneia\Vol-3-No-1-2004.


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In the traditional of Islamic thought, there are many disciplines of scientific appeared, as a ushul fikh and a fikh and knowledges of the Qur'an studies and tasawuf and theology (kalam) and knowledge of hadits (prophetic tradition) and exegeses and etc. At the same time philosophy hasn’t been seen as a part of scientific Islamic tradition. Therefore fittingly when Ignaz Goldziher hasn’t put philosophical exegeses into his analysis about exegeses school. At the absolute most of his exegeses what he presented and has design of rationality is only kalam exegeses. Surely, it is not be needed to worry about that because of Moslem and sunni principally has been being convincing that knowledge has been devided two something; the first is traditional knowledge related to religion and rational knowledge that commonly be called philosophy. It is appeared when domination of al-Ghazali’s thought has been convinced not only as two something differences and not connected another and much more both of them frequently be in contradiction of each other. Based on this reality, we need to reconstruct Ibn Rusyd’s thought that attempted to reconciliation both of these scientific disciplines. The prime question what we want to analysis here is how did Ibn Rusyd strive to reconcile between religion and philosophy? and how did he read the Qur'an by approach philosophy. According to Ibn Rusyd between religion ang philosophy as if child of the same mother and both of them suckle on the same breast. Therefore, both of them can’t be contradicted one another. Based on this logic, then Ibn Rusyd used philosophy which is especially in takwil for studying the Qur'an and it’s known as hermeneutic approach in this era.

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